Famous celebrities share what’s in their bags all the time

Everyone carries a set of different important things with themselves in their bags whenever they need to go anywhere. But then there come people who make an extra effort in making their bags ready. When we talk about celebrities, you come to know about the different unusual things that you might not have expected ever.

Thumbsfeed has shared the list of celebrities who carry different types of things in their bags that you might not have wondered ever about.

  1. Ariana Grande
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Ariana Grande shares what she carries in her bag all the time which includes her all-time favorite perfume along with a small bottle of men’s cologne. She shared that while she’s on the road she tends to miss someone that smells like it. Along with this, she also carries a small-sized pebble with serenity written over it. Who would carry that in their bags? No one.

2. Camilla Luddington

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The Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Luddington shares that she carries a rubber duck in her bag all the time. This is because her little daughter Hayden loves chewing on the rubber toys. That’s why she carries a duck in her bag for her beloved daughter.

3. Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey shares her obsession with the truffles. For this reason, she shared that she never forget to put truffles into her bag. Truffle salt and truffle oil are something you will always find in her bag.

4. Shanina Shaik

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Everyone carries different cards in their bags or wallets but Shanina Shaik took it very seriously. The Australian model shares that she has an old passport size picture of her husband in her wallet. Besides, she also has the card that her husband sent him for the first time along with the flowers.

5. Meghan Trainor

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Meghan Trainor, the famous American singer and songwriter shares that she can forget everything but never forget to put poo pourri in her bag all the time. The singer shared that a toilet spray should be in everyone’s bag and everyone’s household. However, she shares that she carries it with her everywhere.

6. Emma Watson

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Emma Watson is famous among her circle of friends as the bag lady because they get to find so many different things in her bag. She carries a book and dairy with her no matter wherever she goes. Besides this, she also has reusable makeup pads, a hot water bottle, Nutella, and a vegan deodorant.

7. Miranda Kerr

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Miranda Kerr is very fond of her health and skin. She shares that one can find such types of things in her bag. She tells that she carries a device in her bag that prevents radiation from entering into the bag. She further shares that she puts a sticker on her phone that helps with the electromagnetic fields.