7 top secrets of the fast-food restaurants that their employees will never reveal

In the modern world, everyone knows what fancy food is as modern people prefer eating fancy food over local food. The fast pace of the modern lifestyle encourages people to embrace its simplicity, speed, and saturated taste.

Thumsfeed has shared the tricks that fast food implies but never reveals them to the public. So, it is better to not consume such type of food too much.

  1. The perfect time for fast food

The best time to go to any fast-food chain is during the busy hours that is the time between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm and then 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Although, getting the table at these hours is difficult but the food at these hours is mostly served fresh.

2. Order french fries without the salt

A full batch of french fries is salted after these are cooked. If you ask for the unsalted fries, the staff has to cook a new unsalted serving on the special order.

3. Coke is cheaper than tea because it stimulates the appetite

At fast-food restaurants, buying sodas is comparatively cheaper than buying tea. This is usually because they want more sales of sodas. As it is impossible to satisfy the thirst with a sweet soda and you will be buying it more and more. At the same time, carbon dioxide stimulates the appetite.

4.  French fries comprises 19 ingredients

The French fries flavor that everyone is fond of is made by mixing a total of 19 ingredients. Other than the potatoes, there are other 18 additives, fats, and flavor enhancers that make the appetizing flavor of the French fries.

5. Fast food is more caloric than it used to be before

The percentage of calories in our favorite fast food has increased than it has used to be before. Like, the cheeseburger today contains 75% more calories than it was scores of years back. The number of calories in the pizza has increased to 70%. And French fries were also used to be 2 times more caloric two years back.

6. Eating with hands tastes more delicious

Have you ever wondered about the thing that there is no eating with forks and knives at a fast-food restaurant? The most possible reason could be that eating food like burgers with hands tastes more delicious and tasty than eating with a fork or a knife.

7. Being an early bird is not that bad

Being up early is definitely a good but this does not apply to the fast-food. It is better to not go to the fast food places right after their opening times. At early opening, the machines and equipment are cleaned with chemicals that stay on the kitchen shelves and machines. So, it is better to not go too early.